Bespoke Services

I offer an exclusive bespoke design service, which gives you the opportunity to have unique accessories designed and created just for you.
After a consultation you will be provided with a range of sketched designs. Once you select your design and place an order the piece will take 4-6 weeks to create.
When you select your custom design I consider the style to be yours. I do not replicate it, to ensure you have a truly unique accessory that nobody else in the world has.

Bespoke Ordering & Other Information

I have a design in mind and would like to place an order

Excellent, to continue with your commission simply:  
Visit our contact us page
E-mail me at
Message me through Facebook or Instagram
Call me on 07861351803
    Any other questions please feel free to contact me.

    I know what accessories I would like but I don't know what style I want

    Don't worry that's what consultations are for! Feel free to either message me through Facebook, by e-mail, call me, or if you live within the Inverness area we can meet and have a discussion face to face. 
    During our consultation we can discuss what styles will best compliment your wedding theme, yours and your bridesmaid's dresses, your hairstyle for the big day, etc. in order to determine what design will best suit you.  
    I am happy to view any photographs of other designs and styles you like the look of, however I cannot copy or replicate existing designs created by anyone else. 

    I like a piece from your existing collections but I would like to alter it

    Absolutely not a problem, any of my designs shown in the online boutique  can be customised to suit you - just get in touch.

    How do I make a payment?

    All bespoke orders must be paid for in full before accessories are made. 
    Once you have made your selection, we will process your order and e-mail you a link that allows you to complete your order and pay online.

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